Rikard Forslid, Professor

Stockholm University Department of Economics SE-106 91 Stockholm Sweden


Research interests

  • International trade
  • Economic growth
  • Economic geography
  • Regional economics

Selected publications

"On the Optimal Production Capacity for Influenza Vaccine" (with M. Herzing), Health Economics, 2014, forthcoming.

"Which Firms are Left in the Periphery? Spatial Sorting of Heterogeneneous Firms with Scale Economies in Transportation" (with T.Okubo), Journal of Regional Science, 2014,forthcoming.

"Spatial sorting with heterogeneous firms and heterogeneous sectors" (with T.Okubo), Regional Science and Urban Economics 46, 2014, pp. 42-56.

"On the development strategy of countries of intermediate size – An analysis of heterogeneous firms in a multi-region framework" (with T.Okubo), European Economic Review 56, 2012, pp. 747-756.

"Trade costs and the timing of competition policy adoption" (with J.Häckner and A.Muren), Canadian Journal of Economics,44:1, 2011, pp. 171-200.

"Trade liberalisation with heterogeneous firms" (with R.Baldwin), Review of Economic Development,14:2, 2010

"Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment" (with K.Ekholm and J.Markusen), Journal of the European Economic Association, 5:1, 2007, pp.776-95.

"Tax Competition and Agglomeration: The main effects and implications for empirical studies", forthcoming in the Swedish Economic Policy Review 2006. "Multinationals, Endogenous Growth and Technological Spillovers: Theory and Evidence" (with R.Baldwin and H.Braconier), Review of International Economics 13, 2005, pp. 945-63.

"Internalisation, Industrial Policy and Clusters", (with K.H. Midelfart), Journal of International Economics 66, 2005, pp. 197-213.

"Tax Competition and Economic Geography" (with F.Andersson), Journal of Public Economic Theory 5:2, 2003, pp. 279-304.

"A Fundamental Asymmetry of Asymmetric Shocks", (with F.Andersson), European Economic Review, 48:2, 2004.

"“Economic Geography & Public Policy” (with R. Baldwin, P. Martin, G. Ottaviano, and F. Robert-Nicoud), Princeton University Press , Princeton, New Jersey, 2003.

"Comparative Advantage and the Location of Production" (with I. Wooton), Review of International Economics 11:4, 2003, pp. 588-603.

"An Analytically Solvable Core-Periphery Model", (with G. Ottaviano), Journal of Economic Geography 3, 2003, pp. 229-240.

"A U-Shaped Europe? A simulation study of industrial location" (with J.Haaland and K.H. Midelfart-Knarvik), Journal of International Economics 57:2, 2002, pp. 273-97.

"Integration and Transition: Scenarios for Location of Production and Trade in Europe" (with J.Haaland, K.H. Midelfart-Knarvik and O.Maestad), Economics of Transition 10, 2002, pp. 93-117.

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"Trade and Growth. Any Unfinished Business?" (with R.Baldwin), European Economic Review, 42, 1998, pp. 695-703.

"External Debt and Ponzi-Games in a Small Open Economy with Endogenous Growth", Journal of Macroeconomics, vol.20, No.2, 1998, pp. 341-49.

"Investment Creation and Investment Diversion in Europe" (with R.Baldwin and J.Haaland), The World Economy, vol.19, no.6, 1996, pp. 635-59.

Publications in swedish

"Två terminer räcker"(med H.Wijkander) , Ekonomisk Debatt nr.7 , 2010.

"Det behövs en vaccinfabrik i Sverige"(med F.Andersson) , Ekonomisk Debatt nr.5 , 2009.

" Industripolitik för den svenska fordonsindustrin" (med K H Ulltveit-Moe), Rapport till Finanspolitiska rådet 2009/3.

"Du sköna ny globaliserade värld?", Underlagsrapport nr 8 till Globaliseringsrådet, 2008.

"Kan vi lita på att monopolistiska läkemedelsföretag tillräckligt snabbt producerar vaccin mot fågelinfluensan?", DN-debatt, 22 februari 2006.

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