HBV light

There are many different versions of HBV-model software besides the original SMHI version. One recent version is HBV light, which has been developed at Uppsala University (and further improved at Oregon State University and SLU) (Seibert, 1997, 2002). One motivation to develop this version of the HBV model was to improve the user-friendliness, especially considering the use in education. During the last years the new version has been used successfully in several courses. HBV light corresponds in principle to the version described by Bergström (1992; 1995) with only slight changes. In order to keep the software as simple as possible several functions available in the SMHI version have not been implemented into HBV light. It is, for instance, not possible to divide the catchment into subbasins.

How to get water running through your PC (i.e. how to get started with HBV light):

  • Download the manual (click here)
  • Download HBV light (click here,  if you have not received the password yet, please e-mail me)
  • Unzip the files and run setup (choose if possible c:\hbv light\ as directory for installation)
  • Data for one catchment comes with the installation, data for all exercises can be downloaded as another zip-file (click here)


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