• name: Love Hörnquist Åstrand
  • i work at: Sektionen för it och media, Stockholms universitet
  • stuff I use
  • patches
  • cv (in swedish, non pretty text) LinkedIn
  • Love all - work related blog
  • PGP key
  • arla is a sparetime hobby
  • so is heimdal
  • I've also contributed code to openafs, like krb5 support.
  • why don't you try NetBSD, I use it
  • I sometimes tinker with the Kerberos 5 and AFS code in samba
  • I'm chair the IETF working group Better-Than-Nothing Security (btns)
  • I'm also a CMAS** diver
  • If you want to send me mail, try: lha@it.su.se, I might even respond
  • If you want to call me phone me, try: sip:lha@it.su.se, I might even answer
  • If you want to jabber me, try: jabber:lha@su.se, I might even be awake
  • note on how to use pkcs#15 cards with opensc

[2004] Remember Love Izzy Love
[2005] Love in SF Tour Eiffel Vancouver
[2006] Skating Love fire Fire out kayaking Kayaking
Redwood Yucatan Chitzen-Itza CMAS **
[2007] Icehotel misc Icehotel Canberra Wallaby (not quite a roo) Half moon bay
Cozumel Whistler-Blackcomb

random programs i've written/is co-author to are:


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