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Maja Lagerqvist; PhD

Researcher and lecturer from time to time.




More about me


I am a cultural and historical geographer at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University. I am interested in matters of homes (first and second), place construction and transformation, rural geography, heritage, representation, national identities, music/sonic place construction and the interactions between materiality and immateriality.


Ongoing research
At present I am mainly working on two research projects:

- Heritage in times of crisis: cut-backs, prioritization and local consequences. A study of the status, values, uses and management of heritage on the basis of the global economic crisis on Ireland (2013-2015)

- Geographies of Street Music: affect, regulation and the role of music in place-making (with Dr. Karolina Doughty, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton)


PhD-thesis (2011)

My doctoral research elaborated on the integration of material and immaterial dimensions in processes of place construction through a study of the transformations of Swedish rural small holdings into second homes during the 20th century:

Torpets transformationer: Materialitet, representation och praktik från år 1850 till 2010 (eng. The transformations of the croft: Materiality, representation and practice from 1850 to 2010). Download the thesis






Lagerqvist, M (submitted): The importance of an old rural cottage: Media representation and construction of a national idyll in post-war Sweden. Journal of Rural Studies.

Lagerqvist, M and Doughty, K (under revision): The pan flute musicians at Sergels torg: Between global flows and specificities of place, in L. Murray & S. Upstone (eds.) Researching and representing mobilities: Transdisciplinary encounters. Palgrave Publishing.

Lagerqvist, M (2013): 'I much rather be still here and travel in time': The intertwinedness of mobility and stillness in cottage living. Fennia, 191:2, pp. 92−105.

Lagerqvist, M (2013): Torpen är döda. Länge leve torpen!  Hembygdsrörelsens engagemang för torp i efterkrigstidens Sverige. Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift nummer 64 (2012), pp.73-88.   

Lagerqvist, M (2011): Varför överlevde torpet? In Geografiska notiser Årgång LXIX, 2011 nr 4, p. 166-178

Lagerqvist, M (2011): Torpets transformationer. Materialitet, representation och praktik från 1850 till 2010. Meddelanden från Kulturgeografiska institutionen nr 141. Stockholm (Doctoral Thesis, eng title: The transformations of the croft. Materiality, representation and practice from 1850 to 2010)

Lagerqvist, M (2009): Book-Review of K. Bäcks Sverigebilden: En historia om rödfärg, tegel, trädgårdar och byggnader eller Hem och hus: bebyggelseförändringar på landsbygden 1840-80. In Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift No 57 Landskapets resurser, p. 101-102.



Selection of presentations

“Harmonies and dissonances of place: The pan-flute band at Sergels torg, Stockholm.” At

4th international and interdisciplinary conference on Emotional Geographies 2013, July, Groningen, the Netherlands


“The growing family and the second home: geographies of conflict-ridden summer idylls”, 5th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2013


“Life at the Cottage: Spending and Sharing Place and Time with Materiality and History”, at Association of American Geographers Annual meeting, New York, February 2012,


“Places of past poverty and present idyll: the transformation and idealisation of rural cottages and smallholdings” at Association of American Geographers Annual meeting, Washington, April 2010


“On the practice, knowledge and ideas of present day users of crofts”. 3rd Nordic Geographers Meeting in Åbo (Finland) June 2009


 “On how to create an idyll”. The Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape (PECSRL), Lisbon and Óbidos (Portugal) September 2008


“Resource, symbol and dream: The Swedish croft in the past and the present”. 2nd Nordic Geographers Meeting in Bergen (Norway) June 2007






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