Assistant Professor



Working Papers

"Social Mobility and Revolution: The Impact of the Abolition of China's Civil Service Exam System" (with Ying Bai)

  • March 2014; download

    "Ethnicity in Children and Mixed Marriages: Theory and Evidence from China" (with Torsten Persson)

  • March 2014; download

    "Red Capitalism: Cadre Parents and Entrepreneurial Children in China" (with Xiaohuan Lan)

  • November 2013; download

    "Pollution for Promotion"

  • March 2014; revised version

    "Political Selection in China: Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance" (with Masayuki Kudamatsu and David Seim)

  • January 2014; revised version
  • VoxEU column: Who becomes a top politician in China?

    "Decentralization, Collusion and Coalmine Deaths" (with Huihua Nie)

  • December 2013; revised version


    "Weather Shocks, Sweet Potatoes and Peasant Revolts in Historical China"

  • accepted by Economic Journal; download

    "The Legacies of Forced Freedom: China's Treaty Ports"

  • accepted by Review of Economics and Statistics; download

    Non-peer-reviewed publications

    "Decentralization and Military Coups" (with Pinghan Liang) download a new version with empirical evidence

  • in Manas Chatterji (ed.) 2012, Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development, Vol. 20, 149-170.

    Early-stage Projects

    "Informal Exchange and Political Power in Rural China" (with Paul Novosad)


    Spring 2014: Government and Regulation Syllabus

    Fall 2013: Topics of China's Development Syllabus